This comprehensive Arts Management information site was established in 2004 as an archive of the Toyota Art Management Seminars and as a source for a variety of information related to arts management, in collaboration with the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan. Net TAM aims to promote and heighten awareness of arts management to encourage and develop community-based arts activities all over Japan, as well as to develop human resources engaged in arts and culture. To achieve this mission, Net TAM provides a wide range of information such as job listings, commentaries, web lectures, BBS, references and useful links, in addition to a directory of arts management programs, which have been held 53 times in 32 areas nationwide over the eight-year period from 1996 to 2004. The site is used by many people starting to study art management, those currently working in art fields with approximately 500,000 page views each month.

In 2013, the Arts Management concept was expanded to society, and activities that support persons involved in the arts have been commended, with this program honored by the Association for Corporates Support of the Arts, Japan.

Some of our most popular contents are:

Relay Columns
A series of essays on a common theme, each written by a different person active in their fields. Packed full of the latest topics in art management.

Net TAM Courses:
Learn art management on the web. An excellent combination of fundamentals, application and practice!

The Possibilities of Art in Society:
On-the-ground reports of art activities that address social challenges such as natural disasters.

Arts Infrastructure KAIZEN Case Studies:
Revolutionary initiatives and efforts to improve the art scene.

Career Bank:
Art and culture-related job information boards. If you register as a Net TAM member, you can also post job information.

Olympiad Cultural Express:
Net TAM continually updates content to deliver information current with changes in society and the art environment. The new Olympiad Cultural Express was launched to deliver a wide variety of Cultural Olympiad information for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.
It is our hope this site continues to provide the opportunity for those on the cutting edge to communicate their activities in the art scene from a wide range of viewpoints.
Stay tuned!

Site Planning and Operation

  • Net TAM executive secretariat: Toyota Motor Corporation, Association for Corporate Support of the Arts Japan
  • System design: SETENV
  • Logo design: Kensaku Kato, Art Director, LABORATORIES

History of Net TAM:

2004 March Final session (Vol. 53) of Toyota Art Management Course (TAM) held
July "Survey about Art Management Course" conducted
October Net TAM starts
2005 March Career Bank starts
October Overseas information added to "To Study Art Management"
December Changed the name of reference pages to "Net TAM Bookshelf," added significantly more information
2006 August "Starting Art Management" starts
September "TAM SEED – Starting TAM and Beyond -" starts
October Top Page redesigned
November Forum Blog starts
2007 March Toyota Art Management Forum 2007 starts
May Toyota Art Management Forum 2007 video released
August Net TAM Blog starts
October Some English-language web pages launched
2008 March Open call for "Toyota Arts Infrastructure KAIZEN Support Project (hereinafter, "KAIZEN") announced
June First KAIZEN selections held, applications for public comments accepted, and official website and blog launched
July KAIZEN Public Presentation Competition (Final Selection Committee) held
September KAIZEN Public Presentation Competition (Final Selection Committee) video released
2009 - July Support for planning and implementation of KAIZEN adoption
October Net TAM website completely redesigned
2010 March Net TAM Twitter starts
April In-site search function added
May Arts and cultural grant information (Net TAM Blog) posts start
August Significant update to "Art Management Chronology" information
2011 January Net TAM Survey conducted
March Arts Infrastructure KAIZEN File starts
April Back issues of Relay Columns and TAM SEED revised
September Career Bank and Information Bulletin Board search and post features expanded
"The Possibilities of Art in Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction" starts
October Art Keyword starts
2012 September "Let's All Support Art: First-time Donor Story" series starts
2013 April Net TAM .pdf archive established
May Net TAM version of "Art Job Picture Book" released
December "Toyota Able Art Forum Ten Years Later – History and Future of Able Art" serial starts
2014 February Net TAM Course Special Series starts
October Net TAM website complete overhaul; content names changed
Net TAM Course Practical starts
2015 September An Association for Corporate Support of the Arts mini-mecenat forum entitled "Disaster and Art - Exploring the Possibility of Art in Disaster Reconstruction from the Viewpoint of Disaster Prevention" held in collaboration with Net TAM. Report posted to "The Possibilities of Art in Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction" Net TAM's first video posted
October Renewed Relay Columns with assigned supervisors setting the themes and coordinating the writers.
2016 March "The Possibilities of Art in Disaster" starts; "The Possibilities of Art in Society" starts together with "The Possibilities of Art in Disaster Reconstruction"
October Olympiad Cultural Express starts
2017 March English-language web pages updated