About Us (What's Net-TAM?)

About TOYOTA Art Management

Seeking to contribute toward a prosperous society and its sustainable development, Toyota has been engaged in various social contribution activities. Toyota develops its initiatives aimed at supporting the arts and culture with an emphasis on "fostering culture," "broadening horizons," and "revitalizing local cultures", and conducts various arts and cultural activities. Since 1996, Toyota has developed programs in the field of Arts Management with an aim to cultivate community-based arts administrators across the country.

  • TOYOTA Art Management Seminars (TAM) [1996-2004]
  • Net TAM [2004-]
  • TOYOTA Art Management Forum [2007]
  • TOYOTA Arts Infrastructure KAIZEN Support Project [2008]

About Net-TAM

This comprehensive Arts Management information site has been established in 2004 as an archive of the TOYOTA Art Management Seminars and as a source for a variety of information related to Arts Management. Net TAM aims to promote and heighten awareness of Arts Management for the encouragement and development community-based arts activities all over Japan. To achieve this mission, Net TAM provides wide range of information such as a job list, column, web lectures, BBS, reference, useful links, and directory of arts management programs.

Directory of Art Management Programs

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This Directory provides a list of Arts Management programs mainly in higher and further education. Other related programs such as cultural management, cultural policy, or museum studies are included.
For the details of the curriculum or the latest information, please see each institution website.

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